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Frequently Asked Questions
For more info please visit our Terms and Conditions page 

Before the Big Day

How can I book you?

If you would like to book with us please get in touch as soon as you can to ensure we have your date free. Once we know we have availability on your date we will send you a link with an invoice and contract for your records. We also require a £200 deposit to secure your booking. 

Can we have a meeting/chat before booking with you?

A lot of our couples like to have a meeting either before or after just booking with us. Some may have questions, others just like to put a face to the name. We currently offer Zoom calls which are available most evenings. If this is something you would like to do it is not a problem just get in touch and we can get a chat scheduled in the diary!

What do you need from us before the big day?

Once we have all of your details in place and all the necessary details about your big day, the only thing we will ask for is a list of your group shots (Only required if you have booked Photography) . We ask to keep this list to a max 15 shots as anymore than this will impact on the rest of your day. Here is an example list of group shots. 

1. Bride, Groom and Parents 

2. Bride, Groom and Bridesmaids

3. Bride, Groom and Groomsmen

4. Bride, Groom and siblings

5. Bride, Groom and all bridal party

6. Bride, Groom and Grandparents 


This is completely optional so if this is something your not fussed with and are happy to let us take the lead and set up your groups then that's not a problem. 

On the Big Day

When will you arrive on my big day?

If you have booked Prep (Film and/or Photos of you and your bridal party getting ready) we will arrive to start at 11am. We never like to arrive too early as we like to let the hair and make up artists make a start so when we start taking pictures you are pretty much camera ready! If you have booked 1 hour before ceremony as it sounds we arrive 1 hour before the ceremony and start with detailed footage and/or photography of your guests arriving and some detail work of your ceremony rooms.

When will you leave?

If you have booked until speeches - We will depart your day once all speeches are complete. 


If you have booked until 3rd dance - At your reception most people have 3 important first dances. These normally include -

1. The couples first dance

2. A  Parents/couples dance

3. The first main party music dance (Where all guests join in)

Once all of the dances are complete and we have some great footage/photos of guests on the dance floor our day has come to an end and we leave you to enjoy the rest of your night with your guests. If you would like us to stay longer than this for fireworks or another form of entertainment please get in touch and let us know. This would incur an additional charge. 

After the Big Day

When will my photos/video be ready?

Our current lead time on edits is approx. 16 - 20 weeks from the date of your wedding. Our editing time is the lengthiest part of the whole booking as we always strive for quality. We will never rush an edit and compromise on our quality of work as we have very high standards. Once any part of your product is complete you will be the first to know. 

Can I choose my own music for my video?

Due to copyright laws we use royalty free music on all of our full films and highlight films so we unfortunately cannot offer the option to choose your own music. 

How will I get my film/photos?

All products are now delivered online via personalised links. This link is completely unique to you and no one else can access your film/images without this link. We pay to create these so they will be online forever. 


Your photos will appear in an online gallery and can also be downloaded straight from this link. To find out how head to our terms and conditions page.


Both your highlight and full film can be viewed on any device from this link. They can also be downloaded. 

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