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Terms and Conditions

As a leading  Wedding media company in Scotland we take our work very seriously and recommend fully reading over all of our terms and conditions to fully grasp an understanding of how things work when booking with us.

Booking your Big Day


To book your big day with us and secure your date we require a £200 deposit with your final balance not due until your big day. Dates will only be reserved when full deposit is paid. If deposit is not paid when expected, we will make 2 attempts to contact you and if there is no reply we will remove your information from our system. You will have to get in contact with us again to secure your date. Full balance must be paid on the day of the wedding or before. 


Rescheduling & Cancelations


If you need to reschedule your wedding, we will change your date on our system as many times as are needed. We shall always do our best to accommodate your new wedding date but if we cannot cover your new date your deposit will be refunded to you. If you need to cancel your day, your booking remains on our system in case you decide to reschedule and your deposit is non refundable. The deposit secures the time and services of the Photographer/videographer for the wedding and is non refundable or transferable in the event of cancellation, it being the agreed loss suffered by the photographer/videographer due to cancellation. Weddings that must be postponed to a later date will retain the deposit as long as the photographer can re-schedule for the new date and time. The client may cancel their contract at any time by giving written notice to the photographer/videographer but in doing so shall forfeit any money all ready paid. If Client fails to supply written cancellation as specified before the wedding date or cancels within 30 days of the wedding date, Client shall be required to pay the full balance due. All cancellations must be emailed to


Film Length


The length of your film is dependant on the length of your day. We aim to have our films be between 30mins - 2 hours long but this is greatly influenced by how long your ceremony and speeches are. If your speeches are short and sweet your film may be shorter than some others. 


Amount of Photos


The amount of photos you receive will completely depend on the length of your day. We never like to give you a specific number of how many photos you will receive as we strive for quality over quantity. We will provide you with the amount of photos that we feel best represents the story of your day. 




After your big day we may send you anywhere between 5 - 15 previews shots as a taster for what's to come. Once we send you these previews you will receive the rest of your images once they have all been edited at the end of the edit lead time. (Photography / Photography + Videography packages only). When you receive your preview shots, if you do not like to colouring we have used when editing you must let us know within 24 hours as failure to let us know may result in us editing your whole album in this style. 


Editing Timescales


The editing stage is the longest process in creating your wedding product. Our timescale for editing is approximately 16 to 20 weeks from the date of your wedding. We will always do our best and provide you with your product earlier but we will never compromise on the quality of our work by rushing the process. Please be aware that during bridal season (April - August) that editing may take slightly longer due to the increased volume of weddings we cover. 


Editing Styles 


All image sizes are exported at A3 quality. The photographer will provide a pleasing colour balance but cannot guarantee exact colour matching.  It is sometimes impossible to record on film/sensor the exact colour as seen by the human eye. All of the images taken are at the artistic discretion of the photographer. If you are unhappy with composition or colour we will do our best to adjust this to your taste however if we disagree ultimately the copyright and image ownership still stands with Shutter Monkeys Media and we will not edit our image to a standard we are not proud of. Our overall style of editing is using muted, romantic, light and airy tones. We do not edit using bright bold colours. 




All copyright remains with Shutter Monkeys Media. No Raw files will be giving out. ​You of course have rights to your images however you are unable to allow another photographer or otherwise to use, claim ownership or edit our images.




The use of the Drone is dependant on the location as some venues are within areas where you cannot fly drones (Near airports). Depending on the availability of our drone operator it may be the case the your drone footage will be shot on a different day from your wedding day but will still be included in your final film. Drone is also dependant on weather. If there are any extreme weather conditions on your day (eg heavy rain, strong winds, thunder and lightning.) it may not be safe to fly the drone. 


Live Stream


(As of January 2023 we no longer offer this service for new bookings). Live Stream is solely based on wifi capabilities. Depending on the wifi capability of your venue we cannot guarantee live stream will be available to you. If your venue location has low wifi capabilities and you choose to proceed, we cannot guarantee there will be no issues during the live streaming. As wifi signals can be very unpredictable we cannot be held responsible if we encounter signal issues while your live streaming is in progress. 




We absolutely love reception entertainment like singing waiters or drag performances, these moments are such fun. With a lot of entertainment this normally happens after your main meal and before your desert but during your meal this is also normally when we would have our break as it is a very long day for everyone and no one wants a camera in their face whilst they are eating. If you would like us to capture your entertainment this would be an additional charge of £100. We must be notified of any entertainment at least 48 hours before your wedding day. If we are not notified of your entertainment we cannot guarantee we will be able to capture this aspect of your day.


Taking a Break


On average, our team can work anywhere from 7 - 10 hours on a wedding day. And just like you and your guests, they deserve to be able to take a seat, have a break and grab a bite to eat. This will normally take place whilst you are having your meal as no one would like a camera in their face whilst they are eating. If you are kindly planning on providing our team with food please let us know as we would hate to see the food go to waste. If we are not provided with food (this is in no way expected) we may leave the venue for an hour or so. We will always check in with the wedding coordinator to confirm time of first dance to ensure we return on time. 


House Rules


Shutter Monkeys Media are governed by the rules made by ministers/registrars/hotels... as to where we can stand. It is up to the couple to make us aware of any rules before hand - if we are restricted we will not take responsibility for missing images. 


Desired Coverage​


It is up to the individual couple to inform us of any specific images they require. We recommend sending us a list of images eg of group shots, couple shots or getting ready shots that you specifically would like. If we are not informed before the wedding day, we take responsibility in capturing any and all images we would recommend. If you do not receive an image that you would have liked but did not inform us of this before the wedding day we cannot take responsibility for missing images. In regards to film coverage, again if there is anything specific that you would really like us to capture then we must be made aware of this before the day otherwise we cannot be responsible if this is not included in your final film. Due to the running of the day there may be instances that we may not get the opportunity to capture - desired images/ film coverage. So ultimately due to certain circumstances you may have to prioritise certain moments/images.


Albums and Prints 


​If you would like an album or print we will provide you with pricing options when all of our images are complete. Delivery of your album/ print may take 2 - 3 weeks from ordering as this allows us to quality check your product. The design of your album is at the artistic desecration of the photographer. 


Delivery Of Product


Photos - Photos will be delivered to you by a personal online gallery link where you can also download your images from. The link will be from Follow these steps to download your images -


1. Click the top right hand button that looks like 3 dots side by side.


2.This will give you a drop down menu, click download. 


3. A box will appear on your screen, click download originals. 


Video - Both your full film and highlight film will be delivered to you by a personal online link to Both of your films can be streamed to any device from this link and can also be downloaded. 


As of October 2022 we no longer offer USBs and we do not offer DVDs as these are outdated forms of media.


After Product Delivery 


Online links


Upon receipt of your download/viewing links, client accepts all responsibility for downloading and storing your media. Videographers/Photographers do not permanently archive files. We at Shutter Monkeys Media have paid to create your private viewing links which means they should always be there. If at any point My Album (photo link supplier) or Vidflow (Video link supplier) no longer exist or if on the instance they close down we cannot take responsibility if your viewing links disappear. So even though your links should always exist we highly recommend downloading and storing your media in a safe place.

We only store a copy of your files on your system for up to 6 months after delivery of your photos/film so if you wanted any changes made to your edits after this time we cannot guarantee this will be possible.


USBs (We no longer offer USBs as of October 2022, this is only applicable to couples who have previously received one)

Upon receipt of a USB, Client accepts all responsibility for archiving and protecting the USB. Videographers/Photographers do not permanently archive files. Videographers/Photographers are not responsible for the lifespan of any digital media provided or for any future changes in digital technology or media readers that might result in an inability to read USB provided.


Corrupt Media​


We cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances i.e. corrupt media. In the unlikely event that there is corrupt media a partial refund will be made depending to the amount of unusable footage


Exclusivity/Guest Photography


It is understood that the photographer will act as the sole and exclusive wedding photographer. Because of the fact that flashes from guests’ cameras may ruin shots taken by the photographer, the clients acknowledge that these instances may occur and the Photographer takes no responsibility if it does. Because of time constraints and the need for subjects to pay full attention to the photographer, the photographer shall be the sole professional still photographer at the venue/s specified. Shutter Monkeys Media can not & will not be responsible for missing images due to guests interrupting our work flow.  


Guest Behaviour & Respect


Please respect all staff of Shutter Monkeys Media. No abuse or threats will be tolerated. If abuse or threats are made towards any staff of Shutter Monkeys Media, this will result in the early or immediate departure of the Videographers/Photographers. If the Client is unable to control the conduct of their guests or if the conduct of any of their guests damages the equipment of the Videographer/Photographers, it will result in the early or immediate departure of the Videographers/Photographers. The Client understand that in such an event, no refunds whatsoever will be paid to the Clients and in the event of any damage to the Videographers/ Photographers equipment, the Client will be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged item(s). If at any stage before or after your wedding day abuse or threats are made towards any staff of Shutter Monkeys Media, we reserve the right to take any or all of the following steps -  to delete all of your footage and photos, refund you in full, cancel our contract with you and we will report you the police. If any abuse or threats are made towards anyone of Shutter Monkeys Media after our contract with you is complete, this will be reported to the police. 




The Videographers/Photographers cannot be held responsible for weather disturbances affecting coverage although all efforts will be taken to provide agreed coverage in the time allocated to them. If due to bad weather on your day, you choose to not have pictures taken outside, we cannot be held responsible for missing images. We know how important a brides dress is so if it is raining on your day we will always recommend carrying your train as not let the dress get wet or dirty. It is up to the bride if they would like to place their dress on the ground to get certain images, if they choose not to we cannot be held responsible for missing images. 




When filming and photographing weddings we absolutely love and enjoy what we do but we are still working and it can be a long day for everyone. We would never demand/request a meal but being offered is always very much appreciated!




All details from clients will be with Shutter Monkeys Media until all work is completed, no details will be giving out to third parties.


Special Requests


All special requests must be submitted in writing to




All Complaints must be submitted in writing to Any issues regarding behaviour of staff, Time Keeping and anything not regarding the final product must be submitted in writing before delivery of the final product or you may not be eligible for any compensation. Complaints regarding the final product must be submitted within 1 week of delivery of final product or will not be eligible for compensation. 




If you would like to chat with us about your booking or any worries or questions you may have please don't hesitate to contact us at

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